Design and Development?

A designer with front end skills, is aware of the barriers that would be encountered within a project. Having this gift saves valuable time in projects with strict deadlines.

I’m one of them…

Razvan Nicu - London 2017


  • Branding skills

    Branding is the story that is in the head of users about your business, try to create it with elements and values you trust.

  • Design skills

    DESIGN it’s not only about how it looks, but a combination of a series of thoughtful decisions that are made with the end user in mind.

  • UX/UI skills

    My job as a UI/UX designer is to ensure that experience is as good as it can possibly be. I am focused on solving problems, not just on decorations.


  • Web

    • Pixel-perfect websites/app
    • UI/UX Design
    • Mobile App Design
    • Prototyping
    • Visual Design
  • Design

    • Brand & Identity
    • Logo Development
    • Illustration
    • Graphic Design
    • Photograpy
  • Development

    • Technical SEO
    • Concept Development
    • Speed optimization
    • AMP pages
    • Static websites

Bufnita din Tei

A private school of arts that breaks the barriers of knowledge

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Responsive email

Top SPEED workflow with PUG.

GoIn App

My side project, is a mobile ticketing solution extending businesses on smartphones.

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Andrei Mirlogeanu
Founder GOiN

Razvan is one of the most creative and open-minded people I know. Every time I meet or I worked with him it is a great pleasure for me; he is a great added value generator for each project he is involved in, very unique and constructive ideas and comments provider, 100% in time delivery from his side and projects he is in.

I’m surprising and enjoying all the time by his creativity.

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Mihai Dragomirescu

Razvan is a great designer with a keen eye for aesthetics and solid design know-how. He is always connected to industry standards, new technology and can produce amazing results for a regular idea.

Razvan can also go the extra mile and come up with top notch recommendations and solutions for issues that may come up during a project, by anticipating those issues. I’ve worked with Razvan on branding, logo design and web development

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Valentin Radu

About Razvan’s work I have to say that he has a very big advantage towards all the others: his nice, clean, good, permanent good relation with time.

He really manages to deliver creative and brief-oriented materials without beign late. The second thing I have to say is his way of treating the problem: first, the global view about the project, and then a whole rain of questions that makes even you wondering how come I wasn’t thinking about that in the first place?

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