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"Owl from the linden" - project

It was a pleasure to play with the colors and basic shapes

bufnita din tei project by solopx
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Smart ideea
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Baby hand
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Owl teachers - symbol


This project is dedicated to children because the Owl from the linden is a private ART school from Romania.
In achieving identity, in fact a very simple concept, I used: an Owl - teacher figure and diligent small hand of the children.

See logo presentation


The site on the other hand, gave me headaches as long as I had to create all the illustrations in the same style as the owl icon. I leave you now to discover, this project online:

See website

Take a look at what the customer said

"So, working with Razvan was a … very good strategic decision!
Behind that keyboard a veritable artist transpose your thought in a clearer concept, illuminating your representation!"

"Strategic decisions are crucial in business:
It doesn’t matter how much equity you have or how trained is your stuff, if you took a single wrong strategic decision. The market will ultimately decide! How do you think the market reacted in my case?
100% good & very good reviews!
So, working with Razvan was a … very good strategic decision!
Behind that keyboard a veritable artist transpose your thought in a clearer concept, illuminating your representation!"

the client - Necula Razvan

after 15 years of searching

Responsive email - top speed workflow

I finally found the solution: JADE template language :)

bufnita din tei project by solopx

80% less time

With Google sheet, I extracted "LIVE" product data, without any little help from programmers :)
I created spreadshets to directly export the configuration files for product blocks. In this way development time decreased by more than 80%.

More than 5 brand

The same workflow for more than 5 brands who use the same configuration file. In a few simple steps marcheting team succeeds to create more than 2 newsletters per day ;)
They take care much more NOW on our content offers...

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Brick - modules

Easy to manipulate, this newsletter is designed modular. Each module has a verry whell structured configuration file.

Brand configuration

- color cheme
- menu items
- social network links

Message configuration

- imported data product
- traking code
- copy for any blocks

view documentation →
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Having in mind the obsession of "responsibility", These blocks behave responsive for different resolutions.

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Multi brand

The data is taken directly from e-commerce site. It has been designed to be easily adapted for other brands (already has five color versions).

view on github →
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one of my side projects & identity projects

PEEPLER - looking behind an email address

We created this miniproject which brought us only sympathy :)

peepler project
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Keyhole Spy & Eye
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Lens, search concpet


Together with some of my Mediapro colleagues.
The basic element of this project is espionage. In practice, you can see information about an email address that you are interested.


The concept is very similar to the practice of looking through the keyhole. The whole system is based on results of searches inside APIs applications. The symbol represents the intersection of elements: searching lens & the keyhole.

Take a look at what my buddy said

"Razvan is a great designer with a keen eye for aesthetics and solid design know-how."

"He is always connected to industry standards, new technology and can produce amazing results for a regular idea.
Razvan can also go the extra mile and come up with top notch recommendations and solutions for issues that may come up during a project, by anticipating those issues. I've worked with Razvan on branding, logo design and web development and he always managed to amaze the final client. Highly recommended for design jobs."